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Book Review: After Darkness Falls

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Chloe’s always been Not Like Other Girls. Well no, not in that way (AN: yes absolutely in that way). Just how can you be like other girls when your father is a serial killer? And because of that, the families of those murdered victims want to get some revenge on your father… using you…maybe even killing you. (AN: DUN DUN DUN!!!)

Thankfully Chloe also has a super power… well not really a super power… but kinda (AN: Spoiler it is totally a super power): Everyone likes her. Even sups – short for supernaturals – like her from tips of her freakishly fast feet (AN: my muses say she’s human but she can beat supernaturals) to the top of her ombre hair… naturally ombre, of course (AN: grows out dark brown almost black but then lightens to to a pale blonde almost silver color (AN: I am not making this up)). They even like her enough to sponsor her in the VERY prestigious Institute located in Scotland and hidden from human eyes. (AN: I think this sounds familiar…)

But when she gets to London, she’s in danger again. This time from a force strong enough to take out a coven of witches. Thankfully she’s immediately taken under the wing of Levi – short for Leviathan (AN: I am not making this up) – De-something (AN: this I am making up). One of the first seven sired Vampires and all around hottie (AN: Early 2000s VtM called; they want their Camarilla back). She can’t help but feel an undeniable pull to him. Like they were soulmates or something. (AN: Because of course they are.)

But isn’t she being silly! She’s just a NORMAL girl.  Besides, she doesn’t have time for romance. She’s got a post graduate degree to get!



Anyone see any problems with what I summarized?

Other than the fact that I went overboard on the early 2000s author notes that were so common in fanfics at that time.



It is only a little bit derivative.. I mean it’s not like there’s a gothic potions master… oh wait there is. Or different houses… except there’s kinda that too… or the overly complicated histories… Or…


While it’s not quite into IP infringement (there’s sex for fuck’s sake and the heroine is American!) it’s a bit too uncomfortably close for my tastes. Which is sad because I’ve liked May Sage’s writing before.

There’s some problematic continuity errors… like the heroine’s eyes are stated to be blue in one place and brown someplace else. And there’s no Self-Insert reason for it. There’s more, which is super infuriating…

Worse, this is supposed to be Paranormal Romance. And well that last part… really really secondary. Like there are whole chapters that go by regularly where Levi doesn’t show up. At all. Not even a mention. And for a good chunk of the book if I hadn’t been repeatedly checking the blurb to go make sure I was still reading the same book I thought that Chloe was going to end up with someone else entirely. I mean there was a LOT more meaningful interaction with Jack the Huntsman than with Levi the Love Interest.

Honestly, this was mostly Urban Fantasy not PNR, which while I like both genres and there is some overlap it is still very different. The biggie is that pesky ROMANCE part of PNR. Specifically that the Romantic relationship has to be central and that it needs to feature a Happy for Now or Happily Ever After Ending.

This… didn’t.

Oh it ended… the next book is about a different couple. But there’s absolutely no closure. And worse… no hope for closure. BTW this isn’t even worth a spoiler alert. Consider it a warning. This book features one of the worst, if not THE ABSOLUTE shittiest, endings I have ever read in a book. And I’m counting Where the Red Fern Grows in that list – I hate that book SOOOO MUCH do not get me started. The ending of this book was so very very bad.  

This was a solid four star heading to five star until the ending. Even with the derivative nature of the story because I liked the characters and I liked the writing style. But even that can’t save this book from the absolute trainwreck of an ending.

Two Stars.

If this is your jam, you can get it here.

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