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Book Review: All By My Selfie

Gwen’s been planning her trip to Scotland forever. It’s the perfect anniversary trip. But instead of exploring the depths of Loch Ness, Gwen is served with divorce papers by her cheating husband… because of course her husband cheats. When she finally decides she’s going to go to Scotland on her own, she gets a trip that she never bargained for.

I’ve been trying to read this book for most of the year; not even being quarantined could make me any more interested in it. I found the characters boring. Predictable. Trite. Gwen is so typical in the “I’m leaving my former life to find myself in Scotland!” way. While Male Lead is a ghost first off, and secondly again very stereotypical romance novel Scottish Highlander. Which if you like that thing, it’s fine. It’s not my thing.

Problem is that it gets a lot of Scotland and the Scots people wrong. First off the Druidic Religion is not dead nor was it dead any time in the past. Second the speech patterns are wrong. Third the Scots Language and Gaelic is wrong. (I showed it to a native Scots reader and they just went o_O at it.) I’m just getting hardly sick of American authors writing characters from cultures that they think they know something about because they read Outlander and watched Highlander.

Honestly I made it to about the 25% mark and gave up. It didn’t help that the formatting wasn’t visually impaired friendly and when I contacted the authors about this they were very unhelpful. Shrugs… I’m not going to waste more time on this. One star.

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