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Book Review: Beatrice Goes to Brighton

Former housekeeper turned impromptu traveling matchmaker Miss Hannah Pym is off on another one of her adventures. On her way to Brighton, she encounters the newly widowed Lady Beatrice who is fleeing to the seaside resort to avoid a marriage to a man her elderly parents have betrothed her to. But partway there, Lady Beatrice is abducted by her new fiancé while Hannah Pym Is left behind as a cruel prank. Thankfully lord Alastair Monro, a friend to the prince regent, shows up and befriends the abandoned Miss Pym. Can Hannah convince the avowed bachelor Lord Monro to fall for the widowed ice queen or is her holiday to Brighton all washed up?

I really love these little romances. Hannah once again is my favorite character in the series which is good considering she’s one of the main characters for sure. Her idiosyncrasies and personality shines through as do the other characters. There’s a bit of a surprise about Benjamin who is her new footman in this book. But I don’t want to spoil what it is.

On to the other characters.

Beatrice is definitely an ice queen and Alistair a rogue. I loved them dearly. There’s several side plots going on that all sort of weave together to support the romance. And a large part of this really reminded me of Sanditon except for this was written before the mini series on PBS happened. In all I really liked the book. Five Stars.

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