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Book Review: Bliss

I first read Bliss when it was part of an anthology, and it was (and still is) very good.

It’s the story of Chloe and Simon, both single parents who meet while on vacation – and who are set up by their mutually conniving teenage daughters.

Considering how much romance is centered on people in their 20s, it was a nice change to have a romance starring people in their 40s. Romance can happen at all ages and life-stages, and I enjoy seeing that variety.

While this wasn’t strictly a second-chance romance (Chloe and Simon had never met), it felt like almost a cross between a second-chance romance and a meet-cute. Which, those are two tropes I very much enjoy.

Both Simon and Chloe are sweet and fun, and ultimately I could totally see why they liked each other – the chemistry was palpable. It did feel a little fast from meeting to smut (though it was some very nice smut). The kids were amusing, and all three were different enough from each other that I could easily tell them apart. And the ending was great – HFN with a hint that it could one day become an HEA.

But mostly, I wanted more. The whole thing felt rushed. Another two thousand words of Chloe and Simon flirting would have been great – both before and after the sex.

All in all, I liked it so it gets.

Four stars.

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