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Book Review: Devoted to the Duke

When Jeremy, heir to the duke of Everton, returns home from the Grand Tour he is immediately catapulted into the hunt to find a wife. Much to his luck he hits it off with diamond of the first water, Catherine, whose beauty has set the ton’s tongues wagging. They hit it off and pretty much that’s where I gave up…

So, I really wanted to give this book a try. But it just dragged. The characters felt flat not even two dimensional, let alone three dimensional. It was like they were paper cut outs. The dialogue was boring not the witty banter that I’ve grown to love from Regency Romances. I toughed it out for 50 some odd pages before I just gave up. The inciting incident of his father’s unexpected death as stated in the blurb hadn’t even happened by the time I gave up.

The pacing was off. The characters were dull. The description was boring. And the sentences had a sort of sameness to them that didn’t help matters any. Ultimately, I couldn’t bring myself to finish this so it gets: One star.

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