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Book Review: Falling for the Highlander

There’s part of me that both hates and loves Outlander. The part that loves it is fifteen years old and is reading it for the first time right after it came out… yes I am that old. It was in the middle of my read every romance novel I could phase and it was so different from the conventions of the time.

The part that hates it is the part that is older and understands that Outlander isn’t a romance. It’s sexy spec fiction whose main focus is the alternate history and a happy ending isn’t guaranteed.

So why am I talking so much about Outlander? Because essentially that’s what this book is. It’s like it’s the book report version of Outlander without everything that makes Outlander good.

I have a lot of thoughts about Outlander and they all transfer to this book.

Oh Falling for the Highlander tries to be original. But it fails so very hard.

There is a lot wrong with this story. From the cliffhanger cash grab, to the historical character thinking and acting too modern, to oh so many editing mistakes. Like seriously the author forgot her own Hero’s name at several points.

That’s just lazy. Like seriously lazy.

But the worst offense is the fact that this is almost beat for beat, plot element for plot element an Outlander ripoff.

Let’s list it shall we? 1. Celibate hero. 2. Well rounded heroine with wild hair and a shapely bum. 3. Similar modern swear… Jesus h. Christ! 4. Characters must sleep together to stay warm 5. Fortune teller predicts the meeting through palm reading. 6. Kind old grandmother character shows the heroine around. 7. Clan politics.

And that’s all in the first three chapters.

It just gets worse from there.

I mean on one hand I’m not one starring it for a DNF and being Triggered. On the other it just wasn’t good. I mean in this instance if you want an Outlander feel go read those books again.

As it is, give this book a miss.

One star.

If this is your jam, you can get it here.

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