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Book Review: Heiress for Hire

After the death of his uncle, the Duke, Chase Radnor decides to investigate one of the unlikely beneficiaries in his uncle’s will. What he doesn’t expect is to be bashed over the head with a warming pan and interrogated by said beneficiary, the lovely Minerva Hepplewhite. He knows her history. And he knows that she’s not exactly who she says she is, she’s got a past and one which could ruin her if the wrong people found out. As for Minerva, she has no idea who this duke might be or why she would benefit in his will. But she’s not about to pass up on this windfall. After all, it would help her and her two servants/friends to make a good start after the horrors she experienced under her now deceased husband. Now she just has to convince Chase that she had nothing to do with the Duke’s untimely death and maybe even help him solve the mystery.

The author is new to me, but I very much enjoyed this first offering of hers that I’ve read. I liked Minerva from the start, and I also liked the people surrounding her including Beth and her son. Minerva is a fun character, and she’s got skills and ambitions of her own that are separate from the hero’s. Can we say Mako Mori Test Pass?

I also enjoyed Chase as a character. He takes a little bit of getting used to but once you get past that sort of gruff, distrustful exterior he’s a pretty good Doobie. He’s an alpha hero but doesn’t tip over into asshole territory. He respects Minerva’s abilities and while protective isn’t protective to the point of it being problematic.

Unsurprisingly since this is the start of a series there is an over arcing plot to it. But the story does end happily and satisfactorily. For those who need it there definitely needs to be a warning relating to spell soul abuse, domestic abuse and child abuse. Mostly from a really awful ex-husband who is quite thankfully dead at the start of this book. Frankly I enjoyed the book. And I look forward to reading more.

Five stars

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