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Book Review: If Wishes Were Horses

Aussie Brianna gets the surprise of a lifetime when she discovers that she’s inherited one half of an Irish Horse Farm. Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Brianna treks to Ireland where she decides to hide her identity to get a real sense of the farm without any complications.

Except there is a sexy complication in the form of the other owner, Declan. The Irishman wants nothing to do with whomever has the other half of the ranch… other than to convince them to sell to him. But he’s hella attracted to Brianna.

What will happen when he finds out that Brianna is also the other owner?

For the most part I liked this novella. The characters are great. I particularly liked that neither Brianna nor Declan were American or English. It’s rare in romance. Brianna was a fun character, and her reasons for wanting to keep up with the horse ranch made sense.

The descriptions of Ireland sent me back to County Clare. The world is beautifully set and you can practically smell the hay.

As normal, Lynch’s sex scenes are hot and chock full of consent.

But there are a few things that knock it down a star for me. The first is the fact that both Brianna and Declan fall into insta-love.

Considering the build-up, I expected this to be a great enemies to lovers in the way of Jane Austen or Moonlighting. There wasn’t any of that so I was disappointed. There’s also other plots which get set up and then resolved almost immediately. It’d be like a murder mystery catching the killer in the first chapter. Essentially the pacing was off.

I wanted more.

I wanted more tension. More to sink my teeth into.

But because I wanted more and not in a good way.

Four stars.

If this is your jam, you can get it here.

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