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Book Review: In His Eyes

Katherine returns home to her family ranch in Montana After being shipped off to New York For boarding school. She has mixed feelings about returning home especially considering what happened there before she left. Just like she has mixed feelings regarding Trace, now the ranch's foreman and the boy she used to love.

DNF at 18% because of serious pacing problems, crappy characters, and so much fucking ableism that I about vomited. Like seriously. I’ve liked other books by this author. They’ve even made our best read lists. But this one is a very solid miss for me. I found the prose stilted with a lot of awkwardness that wasn’t warranted with the situations. And I found that a lot of the conversations were repeated just with different people which while true to life is not fun to read. I also found that the book relied heavily on info dump and I just got bored. And then I read the “twist” and I just got angry.

This book was so ableistic that I can’t even. So I’m going to spoil something… the heroine… she’s blind. That’s why she’s “Blemished” not because she’s been raped (which btw also is a thing and it’s just as gross) but because she’s blind. Disabled. And I pretty much lost it when I figured that out. Just ugh!!!

There also needs to be warnings on this book that this book will be delving into including parental abuse, child sexual assault, parental abandonment, gaslighting, and a whole heap of sexism and misogyny. This is on top of the massive amounts of ableism. And the very colonialistic attitude that is going to be present in any Romance set in the American West. So make sure that you’re in a good place before starting this book. That’s assuming you do start it. I don’t recommend it.

So yeah, this book is a solid miss for me. I didn’t love it. It didn’t grab me. I wasn’t attached to the characters. I hated the whole message. The ableism just threw me. I’m not gonna keep trying to slog through this. This book isn’t worth my trauma and it’s just not bad enough for a sporking review. One star for a DNF

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