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Book Review: Lucifer's Daughter

Growing up as the daughter of Satan, yes that Satan, Muriel is a little odd. Odd in that she’s still a virgin. Odd in that she truly believes in love. And odd in that all she really wants is a normal life. To that end, she’s managed to scrimp and save to where she owns her own bar, Nexus, that is quite literally the nexus of where the supernatural like to hang out and have a drink or two. Enter Auric. He’s the kind of growly grumpy hottie to make any woman interested in men get a little hot under the collar. But in a good way. He is mysterious. Secretive. And way too interested in Muriel. But before she can figure him out everything goes to hell, quite literally. And not in a good way…

I have to admit I am a sucker for a good angels and demons story. I like the dichotomy between good and evil and how they intersect. This story was fun. Muriel has a strong character voice and she’s snarky and sarcastic and reminded me in a lot of ways of Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As the daughter of Satan, she doesn’t have quite the same social mores and hang ups, which I liked. Frankly she was fun! It took me a little while to warm up to Auric. But I found myself liking him and I especially found myself liking the posse that he runs around with, particularly David and Christopher. I hope they continue to show up in future books. As for Auric himself, he’s definitely a grumpy, brooding boy and I really got Angel/Cordelia vibes from the two of them.

The side characters of Bambi, one of Muriel’s sisters, and Lucifer her father are also fun. (Look, I always like a good Devil is bad but also has soft spots story… there’s a reason I like Lucifer and The Incarnations of Immortality.)

The plot is fairly thin, it’s not bad. But it’s thin and predictable. Like most procedurals, TBH. The book is also short-ish… about 150 pages. So that’s why it feels like such a quick read… it is. But honestly, the book is mostly about the romance between Auric and Muriel, and frankly, that’s just fine. This is a very quick sexy read. The kind of thing that if you’re looking for fun and sensual and silly would be the perfect book. I went into this with zero expectations, and I was heartily entertained. I’m also interested in continuing with the series when it starts becoming more Reverse Harem (it isn’t yet). And for that I give this… Five stars.

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