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Book Review: Pickle Licker

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Jayne has had it with her food-pilfering roommate’s friend and Video game streaming partner, Saul. Saul helps himself to all of Jayne’s food, even the food she got for herself special because she’s home sick without so much as a buy your leave or even a thank you. After putting up with this for months the straw finally breaks when he pilfers her last dill pickle. The pickle that she’s been saving special for her lunch, so what’s a girl to do? Well if you are Jayne the answer is give it a good old deep throating complete with cold germs and then toss it back on his plate. Unfortunately her oral skills get Saul’s attention even if he can’t seem to get her name right. And basically after that he starts hitting on her much to her, I guess, interest… I don’t know.

Basically I couldn’t make it to the 15% mark before I gave up because I hated the hero so much. I really liked Jayne, I thought her character voice was hilarious, I thought she was funny, I would’ve liked more of her. But I hated Saul. Like absolutely detested him, he is like the worst kind of entitled alpha asshole. He reminds me of Nate from Euphoria or the full of himself guy who hires Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You. He’s the worst.

And Jayne’s best friend/roommate isn’t much better. Not once does he try to stop this guy from eating her food. And he doesn’t even care. He’s the worst kind of friend at least to Jayne. And considering he’s known Jayne since they were in first grade I’m very disappointed that he isn’t willing to look out for her.

Basically I hated all of the male characters that were introduced in this and I’m not willing to put up with more of their crappy behavior to see if they get better, there’s not nearly enough story here and I hate them too much.

I’m reclaiming my time.

One star for a thoroughly horrid hero.

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