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Book Review: Santa's Wicked Elf

Christmas is coming, and sometimes you just want a good Christmasy erotic short – and Santa’s Wicked Elf absolutely fits the bill.

Santa’s workshop is prepping for Christmas, and Hollie – Santa’s daughter – has the hots for Grant, one of the elves. And it’s mutual. (Elves here seem to be more humans plus than, you know, the typical picture of Santa’s elves – which could possibly work, but it would take a lot more work. I’m honestly picturing something between a human dressed up as an elf at one of those ‘meet Santa’ spots at the mall and a Lord of the Rings type elf.)

The truth is, there isn’t a whole lot to this story. Insta-lust, some cute flirting, a hot makeout session, and some very well-done sex. There’s a little bit of mistaken identity and the realization that they’ve actually liked each other for much longer, and a fun female friend.

(I must admit, it’s also a nice change to have Santa’s daughter instead of Santa’s son, which seems to be much more common in Christmas romance for some reason.)

I do think the rest of the story could have used a bit more fleshing out, which is really my main problem. It’s a short that could’ve been longer.

But honestly? It’s all about the sex, and if you want erotica, it’s a damn good choice. Livvy Ward writes good smut, and this is no exception.

All in all, it’s an enjoyable read, but the wish for expansion means it gets

Four Stars

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