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Book Review: Some Girls Bite

There’s a killer loose on the streets of Chicago… And unfortunately 27 year old Romantic literature doctorate student Merit is one of their victims. However before she can bleed out in the quad of the University of Chicago, she is saved and turned into a vampire by the master and one of the most powerful houses in the city. Now Merit must navigate the politics of being an initiate vampire while trying to come to terms with her confusing feelings for one Ethan Sullivan, the enigmatic master of House Cadogan. And the man who both saved her life and turned her against her consent.

I’ve been on an urban fantasy kick lately and I was looking for something not set in New York, London, or California. Some Girls Bite definitely fits the bill. Chicago is as much of a character as Merit or Ethan is. I was drawn in to the universe that the author has created. The way that vampires are depicted is a mix of traditional lore and some other newer things. There’s a definite Buffy vibe to this in some respects. But there’s less chaos and more politics. Think Vampire the Masquerade. But at the same time, it definitely had an Anita Blake feeling to this. It was just what I wanted.

Merit is an interesting lead character. The history she has with her family is complex, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the author takes it. I also liked her circle of friends particularly Mallory who is intriguing enough for her own set of books. I want more of her and Catcher. I liked Catcher. Lol. I also liked Merit’s Grandfather as well. Jeff is such a fun geek, I hope that they continue to play with that. I am here for a geeky shifter rather than the super brooding alphas that seem to show up.

Speaking of alphas… I found Ethan fairly typical of the archetype for master of the city. He’s very traditionalist and as a note, he’s with someone else in this book. So there’s some infidelity vibes that some people might not like. Honestly, I didn’t mind them. I don’t think it’s realistic for people not to have other relationships and not every relationship starts off cleanly. Life is messy and I appreciate that here. I look forward to seeing how he grows and changes throughout the series. I did enjoy his verbal sparring with Merit. And there are definitely sparks that hint for a very slow burn romance.

I found the other vampires that we were introduced to also fairly intriguing. I look forward to seeing where the subplot with Morgan goes. Morgan has potential and in a way I liked him better than Ethan. We’ll see if that changes.

The plot itself is a mix of a murder mystery, political drama, and personal conflict. It’s very much the start of a series but it can stand on its own if you don’t choose to continue.

In all this is a really interesting start to a series -- it’s hooked me. I’m going to go check out the second book and for that this gets… Five Stars.

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