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Book Review: The Businessman's Tie

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

*To the tune of Fish heads*

Cliffhanger… Cliffhanger… OMG a Cliffhanger… Cliffhanger… Cliffhanger… Why do this to us!

Now that I got that out of the way. If you can’t tell, this book has a cliffhanger, and we all know how I feel about those in Romance.

So yeah…

Nonnie (which you might as well have named her Reader Insert) is out celebrating her divorce when an enigmatic man catches her eye. Later, on her way back from the bathroom, she has a scortching sexual encounter with this nameless businessman where he ties her up, gives her orders, and basically does a lot of BDSM stuff only without the safe, sane, and arguably consensual. Intrigued and more than a little obsessed Nonnie follows a girl she doesn’t know to a sex club where she meets Michael who also does more BDSM stuff with her without explaining the rules, her power, or what exactly is involved. Also while there she sees her elusive businessman again and thus starts a conflict that likely stretches out for four books – I don’t know I haven’t read the rest of the series.

And I’m not going to.

As you can expect, I wasn’t fully happy with the book. BDSM is faboo. It’s a lovely lifestyle that has very set rules… one of the biggest is that everyone knows what they’re getting into. Nonnie has no clue. There goes the safe! They also do a lot of check ins to make sure that both partners are okay with things and there’s aftercare… for both the sub AND the dom. That doesn’t happen… not the aftercare. Not the checkins. There goes sane! Finally in addition to not telling Nonnie what she can expect (which edges into dubcon) she also has a minimum of two sexual encounters where she’s had 3 or more drinks. Now not everyone will feel drunk after three Long islands/Margaritas… but that is legally drunk. Congrats we have the trifecta of fail!

The thing is, I know that some people like this “woman (because it is always the woman) doesn’t know she’s submissive and it takes an unexpected encounter to open her up to BDSM.” But I don’t. No safe words were set, nothing was explained, just binding and spanking and sex with a stranger.

Don’t get me wrong, the writing is hot and the book is well written technically. There’s a lot of lampshade hanging… which literally the ONLY thing saving this from a one star.

But because of the cliffhanger. Because of the bad BDSM behavior that takes this into dub con. I can only give this:

Two Stars

You can get the book for free HERE.

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