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Book Review: The Marine's Temptation

I first read @livvy-ward’s The Marine’s Temptation when it was part of the Summer Heat boxed set organized by @caitlynlynch​ – and let me tell you, this book definitely lives up to both ‘summer’ and ‘heat.’

It’s the story of Nate and Maggie, who end up sharing a ride on the way to the wedding of his sister, who is also her best friend. To make things a bit more madcap, Maggie brings along Kaela, the puppy she’s training as a service dog.

Of course, Maggie’s had a crush on Nate for years. And now that he’s met her again when she’s not twelve and shy, he finds her just as attractive.

Four days sharing a car, meals, and motels is a lot of time to get to know each other, and they do. We get some good conversation. And a nice upending of the “there’s only one bed” trope.

But of course, the crowning glory is the smut.

Livvy writes incredibly hot smut in all of her books, and this one is no exception.

If you like great characters, fun puppies, and super hot smut, The Marine’s Temptation is definitely worth checking out.

And of course, there’s no way I can give it any less than

Five Stars

If this is your jam, you can get it here.

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