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Book Review: Till Death Do Us Part

Sometimes I need a break from fluff… so how about a book which is all about people murdering their spouses?

…Yeah, I went pretty far in the opposite direction. ;)

It was interesting to read a bunch of stories about people killing their spouses (or attempting to do so) – from the ones we know a lot about to the ones who are mostly a mystery.

Things I liked:

  • The fact that there were both men and women among the murderers, that it wasn’t just men who killed their wives (though admittedly it leaned in that direction)

  • Each individual section was well-written, and it would have been easy to go looking for more info had I wanted it (the bibliography is pretty exhaustive)

  • The way that each section was updated to when the book was written – I think this is something that could be improved with a “2021 update” on each case, but it was still well-done

  • The domestic violence info at the end, both for if you’re the one in trouble and if a friend is the one in trouble – this was extremely well-done and extremely useful

Things I didn’t like:

  • It got repetitive

  • Each section, it was pretty easy to tell who would be the killer – often starting with things like “Jane Doe was a hopeless romantic” (Jane Doe is getting murdered) or “Jane Doe was always a violent child” (Jane Doe is murdering) – This one is tough, though, because I’m not sure if suspense would have helped? Knowing who would kill who didn’t change much.

Ultimately, I think if you read this book in pieces rather than straight through (and it can definitely be put down and picked back up without losing anything), it’s completely worth

Five Stars

If this is your jam, you can get it here.

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