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Book Review: Trapped

Army Ranger Cash Baker has a problem. Well, several really. First, he seems to be trapped in a bunker. Second, he’s got some pretty substantial injuries. Third, and most importantly, he has no idea how he got them or how he got there. His memory of his past is gone, and all he’s really able to recall tells him that whatever landed him in this position was really, really bad. Enter psychologist and blast from Cash’s past Dr. Sophia Rhodes. She claims Cash is in danger. That she’s been sent to rescue him. That she’s working with an outfit known as Decorah Security to help him uncover the truth. The question is: Can he trust her? And more can he trust himself around her?

I’ve enjoyed Ms. York’s writing before, so when the opportunity arose for me to read this I jumped on it. It’s a light, fun Romantic Suspense novel with a few interesting twists and turns. It’s not really paranormal romance like some of the other books in this series, but there are some paranormal elements to this particularly later on. Cash is a pretty alpha male character, but he’s not a full alpha a-hole. Thank goodness. He does listen to Sophia and others and knows when he’s out of his depth. I liked Sophia. She was a good character who wasn’t TSTL and provided very solid advice and adapted well to a situation which was way outside of her depth.

While the book can stand on its own, it would likely be more enjoyable if you read several previous books in the series. Lots of characters show up from those books and it can be a little confusing if this is where you’re jumping in. Ultimately I liked this book, but I didn’t love it. Four stars.

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I received an ARC of this Book Via NetGalley

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