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Book Review: Unexpected

There’s an art to telling a satisfying short story, and Unexpected by Annika Steele is a very satisfying short story.

Valentine’s Day might be for lovers, but for Maya it’s the pits. Not only does she get dumped on Valentine’s Day, she’s got to travel to butt-fuck nowhere (that’s the technical term) for her job as an insurance adjuster. But winter in Texas is a fickle thing and a sudden storm leaves her stranded in a ditch with no cell service. Thankfully there’s a sexy good Samaritan nearby to help.

This is a fun meet-cute with an adorable plot-moppet. The descriptions are lovely almost letting us smell the wood floors and the land after the rain.

I really enjoyed the interactions between the hero and the heroine and even though this is a short story, I didn’t feel like it was missing anything.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a steamy and sweet Valentine’s Day read.

Five stars.

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Disclaimer: This story is published through the same publisher as us, however this is our honest opinion and we loved the story before the author signed with our publisher.

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