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Book Review: Where We Belong

Welcome to another book that needs a trigger warning. While I will give the author credit because she states that the novel contains sensitive subject matter, that is not nearly enough.

This book features a rape victim who falls in love with the brother of her rapist.


That’s pretty much how I feel.

This story had potential, but the characters were juvenile and the premise stretched. I can’t imagine any rape victim willingly choosing to be around their rapist. Especially one with PTSD like the character has.

Worse, the love interest isn’t supportive at all. He’s very domineering which is not what the main character needs. Not only that he gaslights her. Yeah. That’s a thing.

So yeah. This turned into a DNF. I can’t even hate read this one. I got triggered and then continued to be triggered throughout what I could read. Rape-as-drama needs to die in a fire.

So nope.

Just nope.

No on a stick.

One star.

You can get it here – if you really want.

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