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Book Review: Whisper Me A Love Song

First year high-schooler Himari Kino didn’t plan on falling for Yori-senpai, the cool and shy singer of the school rock band, it just kind of happened. And when she saw Yori at her locker later, Himari couldn’t help but blurt out her admiration saying, “I fell in love at first sight!” Shocked and feeling emotions she’s never felt before, Yori doesn’t know how to react. But the more she thinks about it, she thinks that she’s also fallen in love at first sight. And so when the opportunity presents itself, she tells Himari this. Only to find out that Himari’s declaration of love didn’t mean the same as Yori’s declaration of love. So the question remains… now what?

This is an adorable, fluffy yuri manga. It’s sweet and I couldn’t stop grinning at just how gosh-darn cute it was. Himari is adorable and I can see why Yori fell hard for her. At the same time, I can see why Himari is just chock full of admiration and growing affection for Yori. They’re adorable. The side characters, especially the members of the band, are hilarious and awesome. I could almost hear certain seiyuu in the roles they felt that real. The artwork is lovely and each character is easily identifiable.

Honestly, this was a perfectly sweet winter read. Five stars.

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I received an ARC of this manga via NetGalley

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