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Book Review: Shy Girls Write it Better

Updated: May 3, 2020

Shy Girls Write It Better is the kind of fun novella I’m here for. Well developed characters, check. Interesting take on workplace romance, check. Hyper embarrassing inciting incident, double check.

Cassie Franklin is living a double life. By day, she’s the shy and retiring accountant who trips over air and can’t hold a conversation with anyone without staring at her shoes. By night, she’s a bestselling erotica author with more double entendres than a ‘that’s what she said’ battle.

Carter Harris is your typical CEO. Distant. Aloof. Unconcerned with the little people who make his company go. He’s got bigger things on his mind. So when mousy Cassie accidentally gives him her most recent manuscript instead of the profit statement he’s expecting… What he reads excites and intrigues him, so of course he needs to know more about the woman under the retiring exterior.

I smiled my way through this novella. The truisms of author life, especially self-published author life, hit home for me. Yes, Cassie has more success than most self-published authors. But then again, the author who wrote this has had more success than the average self-pubbed author. I admit, I love a romance power couple who can bond over the best way to write smut and what makes a good romance novel. The fact that Carter didn’t belittle Cassie’s choice of genre was refreshing and earned it a star in my book.

My biggest quibble was the length. I wanted more. Which considering that their story is complete, is both a good and bad thing. There’s also the occasional grammar error. I didn’t notice them on my first read through, but the second time through they stood out to me.

So because of that I give this

Four Stars

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