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The Best Books We Read in 2018

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

We read over 40 books in 2018. Some of them were okay. Some were bad. But some were faboo. Here are our top five:



Adam was one of my favorite books of the year – I loved everything about it, from the characters to the town to the slow build romance. It’s sweet, it’s fun, and I just plain liked it.



Come Home to Me is the kind of time travel romance I am totally here for. It’s historically accurate. Takes place in an unusual time period (Westward Expansion) that manages to not vilify Native Americans and not glorify “Manifest Destiny.” The storyline and the romance are compelling. And I love the characters.



The Year We Fell Down is currently my favorite new adult romance. I love Hartley. I love Corey. I love how this book treats people with disabilities. This book is totally worth the price. I’ve read this book probably 4 times. LOL It’s really that good.



Katherine is probably my favorite book ever. It’s one of the books that drove me to study history. The real life romance between Katherine Swineford and John of Gaunt is one of my favorites. Anya Seton’s 1954 novel paved the way for the historical romances of today.



Royal Guard Lion and its sequel, Royal Guard Tiger, were flat out my favorite books of the year, from the worldbuilding to the characters… everything, really. If you like shifters, soulmates, and smut, these books are 100% worth buying – and I do recommend getting both of them. Honestly, if another book comes out in the series, I will be first in line to get it.

Check out our reviews here and here.


And those were our favorite books for the year! It was hard to limit it to five…and we sort of didn’t, did we? But every single one is worth buying, so you should absolutely check them out.

Here’s hoping 2019 is just as good!

Happy reading!

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