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Book Review: After Hours

When Avery stumbles into a smoking hot sex scene in her company’s boardroom, she doesn’t know what to think or feel. Shocked? Sure. The office was supposed to be empty. Turned on? Okay… that’s new, but yes. Jealous because she wishes she was a part of the scene? That’s also new and tempting. So when the CTO of her company Carson approaches her with an NDA and an offer she jumps into the Boardroom with her eyes open and her curiosity insatiable. Carson’s always liked to watch. Give orders. Direct the action. And in Avery he finds a willing pupil and lover. It’s supposed to be no strings sex. But neither one can deny the attraction between them.

This is the kind of scorching hot office romance I am here for. Seriously, I loved this book. A lot. It features a lot of the tropes and conventions that are totally my kryptonite. Or should I say my addiction? Alpha males who know when to say “I’m Sorry” or “I was wrong?” Check.

Heroines who are intelligent and ask good questions and don’t make decisions that are TSTL because the plot demanded it? Check. Women supporting women? Check. Sex positivity? Check! Check! And Check!

I really loved all of the lovely consent and sex positivity in this story. I loved how conventions were challenged. I loved how the sex was so steaming hot and kinks weren’t shamed in any way. Seriously. No kink shaming here. So long as it’s between consenting adults anything goes.  And here’s a taste of what kinds of kinks are featured in this: exhibitionism, voyeurism, Domination/Submission, orgasm delay/denial, sex clubs, nameless sex, and sex scenes containing multiple people. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The sex is really well written and hot. It’s the kind of written sex that makes you want to curl up with a glass of wine and a charged sex toy. Super steamy. And did I mention consensual?  This is an office romance which means that power differential is in play, but the book goes out of its way to address it. This is not Fifity Shades of Grey. It’s 1000% better.

Five stars.

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I received an ARC through Net Galley.

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