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Book Review: C791

In a world where the military created cyborgs, part human part machine, and then seemed absolutely surprised when said cyborgs rebelled against their impending destruction comes a romance between one of the cyborg leaders, Joe, and the medical tech sent to get information from him when he is captured.

This isn’t a bad science-fiction romance. It’s also not that memorable either. The biggest twist, if you would call that, is actually telegraphed fairly well and if you’re paying attention to I don’t know say the title of the book you can figure out what the twist is.

Most of the book is fairly predictable and at 150 pages it’s a quick read. The thing barely qualifies as a novel, but it is one. Barely. The cyberpunk/scifi elements are kind of there. But again, because of the length there isn’t a lot of time to get to know the world.

The sex in this isn’t as good as in some of other books by this author. Honestly the series starter wasn’t bad, but it isn’t enough to get me interested in reading more of it at the moment. I’m more interested in other things. Three and a half stars rounded up to four

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