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Book Review: Dirty Sweet Wild

Updated: May 10, 2020

I previously read the first book in this series, and it even made number one on our Best Books reviewed in 2019 list. And I’m happy to say that this one is also pretty darn awesome.

Max is an Afghanistan vet with PTSD and a prosthetic leg. He lives alone in a crappy apartment in the bad part of the Bay Area. Even after his best friend became a billionaire and gave him five million dollars, Max can’t seem to claw his way out of his depression. At least not until a mistaken address earns him a lap dance and so much more.

Gwen doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. Can she just forego growing up all together? Until she manages to figure things out she’s still got to eat, and with no skills, no degree, and no experience the career that earns her the most is stripping for birthday and bachelor parties.  But when her agency sends her to the wrong apartment she finds the one thing she was never even looking for: Love.

Yep. I totally loved this book.

Like seriously loved it.

I loved the fact that Max for all of his money was still processing and dealing with his reality post-war. I loved that he was getting therapy. I loved that his disability was very much a part of him but not the only part or even the most important plot.

I loved that when he had unprotected sex he went to the doctor and got tested - and also lectured. It helped de-stigmatize people who have had STIs. I also loved his happy ending which surprise this is a romance but also his other happy ending. Seriously. I loved what happened with him.

I also loved Gwen. She’s the sister of the heroine of the previous book and both Olivia and Devon show up. I liked that she was a sex worker (because lets be clear stripping is considered sexwork by many). I also liked that her career choice was looked down upon because of the stripping… because her boss is a sleazeball who refuses to pay her sure. But not because she takes off her clothes for money.

The sex is hot and I could believe that these characters had chemistry.

But the book isn’t perfect. There’s some bad BDSM behavior at one point. And the book needs a trigger warning for discussion of miscarriage, stalking, and abduction.

But if you like a gritty, real romance featuring flawed characters who get therapy, see doctors, and suffer the consequences of their actions. Then get this.

Five easy Stars

If you want to get the book it’s here!

If you liked the first book and want to get all four books in the series, it’s here! And I’m recommending this because for less than the cost of two books you get four.

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