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Book Review: Into the Night

Dr. Macey Night is part of a special team of FBI agents who hunt serial killers who have been assembled because each of them has personal experience with a serial killer. In Macey’s case, it’s because she was nearly killed by one. In her partner Bowen Murphy’s case, it’s because before he joined the FBI he hunted down a killer who’d preyed on the women of his hometown. Now they’re on the hunt again. For a killer who targets the most diabolical of prey – other killers.

While the premise requires a pretty major suspension of disbelief – that people with personal connections to serial killers would be allowed to hunt them – for the most part this was a fun story. But it’s not a perfect story. What I liked: – The fact that a person being a natural redhead means that anesthesia doesn’t work the same on them as the rest of the population – the suspense – the knowledge of the local area – the writing was well done – Most of the leads I especially liked the mystery itself.

In fact, I liked the mystery more than the romance, which leads me to… What I didn’t like: – The romance felt shoe-horned in – That Macey was allowed to be on the case of the serial killer who victimized her. Even though there was a lampshade hung on this, it was too much of a fourth wall break for anyone who even has a minor amount of criminal justice knowledge. – the amount of times the FBI or police shot their weapons… – the lack of diverse characters – the possessiveness that Bowen had toward Macey – there’s protectiveness and then there’s Bowen. It crosses a line. – The fact that Macey’s a better shot but that Bowen won’t give her the gun to shoot the baddie in a certain scene because… reasons. (read sexist as fuck) – the use of the phrase “I’m clean” regarding STDs since it implies that people who have or who have had STDs are "dirty" which is not the case.

I’m also kind of leery of books glorifying cops considering that they’re just out there murdering Black people. It’s especially problematic when no one on the team is PoC and they’re all really quick to pull their weapons.

Ultimately, I enjoyed this book. But there were enough problems with the plot and characterization that I can really only feel comfortable giving this: Three Stars

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I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley

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