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Book Review: Rogar

While on her way to her new job assisting the newly liberated lunar raiders, Marisol’s shuttle is attacked by the Morax – a species of Aliens seeking to take over the Earth and make it into their new homeworld. After a fierce battle, Marisol is rescued by Rogar - one of the commanders of the Lunar Raiders. He’s nothing she’s ever wanted in a potential mate. He’s bearded, buff, and sports a man-bun. So why is she so attracted to him?

Rogar knows Marisol is his fated mate as soon as he meets her. But rather than announcing it, he plans to court her. Let her fall in love with him naturally. He’s a good boy like that. But as we all know, plans have a tendency to go awry. What’s a lunar warrior to do?

This is the second book of the Lunar Uprising series but you don’t need to read the first book to understand this one… although I will admit that it will help.

The plot follows on the heels of the events of the first book which includes dealing with the Morax, finding a traitor in their midst, establishing their independence and sovereignty in regards to Earth. Unfortunately that means that the romance does take a bit of a backseat to all of this.

Marisol was a good character. A successful negotiator and diplomat, I liked that she was Latinx, wealthy, and intelligent. It’s not the typical portrayal of Latinx characters in fiction. I also liked that her family life was strained but in a realistic way. Marisol is competent and compassionate. She’s also able to think for herself, which I liked.

I found Rogar absolutely adorable. I wanted to pet him on the head like the good boy he was. Like he was an alpha personality, but he wasn’t about to shove his will onto Marisol. He wanted her to be happy with him, but at the same time he wanted her to make her own choices. Even if that choice didn’t include him. I honestly loved that and there needs to be more of this in books like this.

That said, I didn’t love some of the technical aspects of this book. There were a lot of wrong words, missing words, and other Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation errors in this book that I kept being thrown out of the book. The book needed a good copy edit - and I checked my arc against the published book and the errors were still present. So this is why the book loses a star.

There were some twists and turns and there’s a pretty devastating plot point later on. So I need to give some trigger warnings too. Triggers for suicide, suicide by cop, violence against civilians, parental neglect, parental abandonment, medical trauma, mind control, and more that I might be forgetting.

Ultimately, I enjoyed this book.

Four stars (but only because of the technical mistakes) it would have been five stars otherwise.

I received an ARC of this book Via NetGalley

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