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Book Review: Royal Baby Maker

Sometimes you want something light… Sometimes you want something brainless…

In all genres, you can find the fluff if you look. It’s not just true of romance, but when it comes to “Royal Baby Maker” by Nora Flite this is pure romantic wish fulfillment – AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!! And if anyone gives you shit, fuck ‘em… I have opinions…

Nelly needs a job but doesn’t have a lot in the way of marketable skills. But she loves animals, and they love her so why not try to make ends meet by applying to be a dog walker? And considering she lives in LA, there’s plenty of the well-to-do whose furry friends need some TLC.

Bishop needs an heir. The estranged son of a Saudi (don’t quote me on that) Prince, he’s in a competition with his half-brother to inherit his family’s billions. Winner provides an heir. Loser walks away with nothing. The problem is everyone knows that Bishop is looking for a wife and broodmare, and there are tons of gold digging women who would sell their vagina and future spawn for a mansion and a Mercedes.

When Nelly runs into Bishop sparks fly. But can Bishop convince her that he wants her for more than just her ovaries. And can Nelly deal with what life is really like in Bishop’s brilliant world?

Okay obligatory copy writing over.

This is a fun, mostly brainless read. It doesn’t try to be anything more than an excuse for a lot of wish fulfillment. I mean, I kind of raised my eyebrows at the whole “must have a baby to make daddy give me money” plot. But I went with it. Because sometimes that’s what you need to do.

The sex was hot. Which I appreciated after a slew of novels featuring badly written sex.

Nelly was a fun POV character. She toed the line nicely between naive but also not too stupid to live. She learned quickly and didn’t make the same mistakes twice. She also didn’t take too much crap from the people around her. Not always realistic, but fun!

I was less fond of Bishop. He was a bit too pushy and intense. Not my cup of tea. And while I knew it was going to be a boss/subordinate relationship going in, I didn’t like how it was handled. He was too pushy. Too arrogant. Nelly didn’t have enough agency. Especially since technically she was his employee. In the #MeToo era, authors need to be aware of just what message their books are sending. By showing toxic masculinity being rewarded it leads to things like rape culture and the fact that men are expected to always be the pursuer and women the pursued. People need to give both of their characters agency… it’s a soapbox I will die on.

The side characters were mostly there, but I did like the dogs… because of course I did. They were cute and not an afterthought. I even liked their names… which if you know me shouldn’t be a shocker.

Ultimately this was fun. The writing was solid. But because I wasn’t fond of the MMC and kind of side-eyed the fact that his Middle Eastern heritage wasn’t even a thing. This gets:

Four stars.

If this is your jam, you can get it here.

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