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Sporking Reviews Masterpost

Here's a masterlist of all our sporking reviews! (AKA we really really really hated these books and tore them apart.) Enjoy!

Peace in the Storm by Seven Steps

What do bad librarianship, unlikeable heroes, and surprise!monkeys have to do with romance? Absolutely nothing, as you will find out in Peace in the Storm.

A Little Harmless Sex by Melissa Schroeder

We should probably have a series called "authors behaving badly" for which this is the first entry. The book is really bad. Racist, sexist, and features a "nice guy" (tm) hero that truly makes this book hideous.

You Don't Know Me by Faleena Hopkins

Another entry into our "authors behaving badly" section, Faleena Hopkins is probably best-known for her Cockygate crap, but this book shows (us and the world) that she shouldn't be so -- I don't know -- cocky.

Bend the Rules by Susan Amanda Kelly

There is so much wrong with this book. So so much. From a horribly unlikeable heroine who is about as judgy as Judge Judy to all of the bodyshaming (all of it!) to having only POC as villains to only having gay people as villains, this book is just every single terrible trope rolled into one.

Do you like bait-and-switch romances? Because I don't like bait-and-switch romances. Let's put it this way: the hero doesn't end up with the heroine, and it's not okay.

Deep Blue by Kristy McCaffrey

The heroine is a bad shark scientist, and she should feel bad. The author clearly did not do the research and, if what you're calling "research" is Instagram posts from a social media influencer, then maybe you should find other sources.

What's a blatant cash grab,, and fluid dynamics have to do with erotica? Read this review to find out!

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