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Worst Books We Reviewed in 2020

Because not every book can be a gem, we want to share the worst books we read in 2020. This includes some DNF’ed books because some of them really are that bad. Also, this is entirely Lark’s list since through chance or something else, Rose didn’t read anything that rated lower than a three-star… lucky girl. LOL


So this should tell you something when a sporking review wasn’t the worst book we’d reviewed this year. Like this book was bad. Don’t get me wrong. It was so very, very bad. But it was also entertainingly bad.

I didn’t want to hurl the book across the room. And I didn’t DNF it either.

So it places fourth on our list.

If you want to see what we said, you can read our review of it here!


This book disappointed me so much. Like so much. Worse, it made me angry. Like beyond livid angry. It removed so much agency, corrupted one of the best characters in the series, and made me want to hurl my iPad across the room.

Like seriously. There is so much wrong with this book. And worse, I couldn’t even find any joy in the sporking of it. So it didn’t get the sporking it well deserved.


You know a book is bad when you want to crucify every male character in it. Including the love interest. I hated the Main Male Character so much that I can’t in good conscience call him a hero. Like I just can’t. This is the only DNF I have on this list and it’s really that bad. It made me so mad that I considered sporking it then decided it wasn’t worth my time.

If you want to see what we said about this, you can read our review here.


Was there any doubt that the lone multi-part sporking review would land our top spot in the worst books we read this year?

This book was so bad. So wrong. And such an insult to sharks and shark scientists everywhere. Pro-tp: if you want to make sharks out to be regal, magnificent creatures that aren’t bitey machines maybe don’t have them attack your heroine every time she goes in the water. Oh and maybe follow local laws and respect cultures. This book is horrible. Like so bad.

If you want to read what we thought of it, you can find the masterpost here!


So that was the worst we reviewed in 2020. Tomorrow we’ll share the best!

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